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July Wrap-up: Wishful Drinking by Carrie Fisher – a review

Hello all!

I really shouldn’t call this a ‘wrap-up’ seeing as I only read one book – but that book was read in July, thus the title of the post. (Don’t judge me!) 😛

Wishful Drinking by Carrie Fisher

Witty!Wishful drinking

3 star f

Synopsis: This memoir details the struggles and difficulties in Fisher’s life in terms of mental illness, addiction and ‘Hollywood in-breeding’. Starting from the beginning right up until the time of writing in 2008, Fisher describes her exciting and tumultuous life with humour and wit one can only dream of.

This was my first foray into the world of my space mother’s writing. I thought I’d pick something quite short to ‘get me back into reading’ and I must say this was perfect for doing so.

It took me about 3 hours to read this book, based on her one-woman show and it was an emotional rollercoaster – the initial ascent was laced with informative hilarity, the force of that first drop hit me with feelings of sadness and empathy and the piece de resistance – the loop-de-loop of how much I missed this woman.

Some might think it odd, but Carrie Fisher meant (and of course still means) so very much to me. Wishful Drinking is an honest, funny and very interesting memoir full of self-deprecating wit which I really appreciated. Throughout this journey, it is clear that she does not pity herself – further adding to the rollercoaster I endured while reading.

As a performance piece, I see this working much better than it does as a book. I enjoyed the book, but I think more depth would have been nice. The title, Wishful Drinking led me to believe that there would be more of a discussion about alcoholism than was actually there. The book is a bit scattered, which is to be expected (without giving too much away) given the subject matter(s). I don’t deal well with audiobooks, but I suspect this book might work better as one.

Overall, this was an enjoyable, quick and easy read with some incredible quotes (many of which I am proud to say I already knew out of context and others… well, I have jotted them down for future reference). I think I definitely would have seen things differently had I read this before her death. I do recommend you pick this up. I very much look forward to reading some of Fisher’s novels in the near future. 3.5/5

What have you been reading recently? Have you read Wishful Drinking? Do you have any autobiographical recommendations? Please leave your comments and questions below as usual!

Thanks for reading!

SSJ Time Lord




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