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A bookish Lent?

Hello all!

Unfortunately,  there will be no February wrap up as I did not manage to finish a single book this month! Eeeek.

However, it is the first day of Lent, a perfect time to give up things which are bad but also to pick up good habits. Thus, I am setting myself three bookish Lent challenges.

1. Read 8 books

I have 40 days and my aim is to finish 8 books. As usual this includes comic books. This should hopefully get me well on my way of catching up on this year’s challenge to read 52 books. That’s a book every 5 days. That’s do-able. 🙂

2. Book buying ban.

That’s right; I’m not going to buy any books for 40 days. Except 1 – I might buy a guidebook to Seoul – I’m writing this blog post in the airport while I wait for my luggage to arrive…*

3. Blog at least 4 times within the 40 days.

I have been neglectful of my lovely blog this month. I have been mega busy but when am I not?! Thus I’m going to make an extra effort to be a better and more consistent blogger!

Non-bookish Lent thing

I want to be able to do 10 push ups by the end of the 40 days. I am super unsure of how many I can do now though so I might increase/decrease once I find out!

Are you doing anything for Lent? How did your February go?

Thanks for reading!

SSJ Time Lord

*It turns out that one of my cases is missing so I’m super worried about that…

Edit: I tried and I did 3 half-hearted push ups before collapsing in a pile. So I think I’ll stick with a goal of 10 by the end of Lent!


3 thoughts on “A bookish Lent?

    1. Thank you! It’s very difficult, but it must be done – I have far too many unread books! Hehe! I tried to do Dry February – I lasted 14 days… I thought February would be easier as it’s the shortest month… but alas events came up and well…

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