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A somewhat belated 1st anniversary celebration!

Hello all!

It’s been just over a year that I’ve been blogging here at ssjtimelordandherbooks!


A huge thank you must go out to all of you who have decided to follow my blog and read my posts over the past year. It has been wonderful getting to know some of you and reading your incredible blogs! I have really enjoyed being a part of the blogosphere and I’m so glad I am getting back into the swing of things. XD

If you have realised that my blog looks different then yay, well done, you amazingly observant and wonderful person! 8) I felt that a 1 year anniversary would be a good time to revamp the blog. To be honest, my blog pages were rather bland so I thought that a change of theme would be nice. Let me know what you think of it in the comments below. 🙂

I’ve been thinking about how intermittent my blogging has been during the past year and have come up with some blogging goals. These are little things to help me in the upcoming year. They are:

1. Blog more consistently!

I want to blog at least once a week, but I will aim to put out two posts a week when I can.

2. Follow more blogs/BookTube channels

It would be nice to read more about books, gain recommendations and have more discussions with all of you lovely people out there. I’ve really loved reading your posts and comments and I love talking with you all, so I definitely want more of that!

3. Keep up to date with blogs posts on the WordPress Reader

I have seriously fallen behind and but I am slowly but surely catching up. When I do, I want to make sure I check the reader consistently! I don’t want to miss out on so many of your amazing posts!

4. Read more so I can blog more!

I’ve never been one of those people to read 10 books in one month. But I would like to read more once I’m fully out of this current reading slump. I think that means organising my life so I stop feeling guilty for reading instead of doing *insert generic life task here*. Then I can share my thoughts on more books!

5. Set up realistic book and blogging goals

Sometimes in life, things go wrong and lead to massive slumps, falling behind in challenges and not reading as much as you’d hoped. One way to help combat this is to set up realistic goals in the first place. I am currently 9 books behind schedule on my Goodreads challenge. Seeing as it is July, I am going to keep my goal as is and see how things stand in September. If I am still very far behind, then I will reassess my goal.

My monthly TBRs will have no more than five novels on them (because I’m pretty sure I’ve never read 5 novels in one month!) and I’m going to continue to count graphic novels, children’s books and short stories as ‘books’ because reading is reading is reading!

OK y’all, that’s all from me. Here’s to a successful second year of blogging!

Thanks for reading!



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