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Where have I been? What am I doing now? What are my bookish plans for the future? And a TBR for good measure.

Hello all! I apologise in advance for my awful writing; I’m pretty busy and so don’t have time to proofread or edit this post!

I have had a long break from reading and blogging, but it is most definitely good to be back! 😀 It has been a year since I started blogging and despite the irregularity with which I post, I’ve really enjoyed it. I will be writing a post sometime in the next week to discuss my blog anniversary which I have unfortunately missed but I think I’m near enough. Now…I have been away for quite some time. I think I last posted something bookish at the beginning of April, but until very recently, I hadn’t read anything since the end of the March.

So, what happened and where have I been? 

Essentially, life got a bit overwhelming for me, which it does from time to time. This time, I was travelling a lot for work, was away from home for rather long periods of time, I wasn’t eating healthily and I’d stopped exercising, and I got pretty ill. I’ve always been a sickly person, so this is something I’m used to. When life gets too much, I tend to do one of two things: tackle my problems head on (when I can or when I know what they are) or take a break for a little while.

This time, I did none of these things. I retreated and hid big time. My body and brain shut down and I just stopped everything. Including reading and blogging. In the grand scheme of things, reading and blogging were not a top priority compared to my health and trying not to miss too much time off work which explains my absence.

So, what have I been doing? 

Well, I’ve been trying to get back on track in every aspect of my life. I had to take some time off work to recover from illness. Most people would read when they are ill, but this just happened to coincidence with the biggest reading and blogging slump of my life. I also had a TV and film slump, which is unusual for me. I was very focused on figuring out what was wrong with me and getting better. Luckily, my health has been improving.

I’ve just come back from an incredible holiday with some really great friends of mine. We went to Galloway in the southwest of Scotland (where I broke my reading slump by reading a Pokemon book, Kindred Spirits and my ultimate favourite book of all time, The Little Prince by Antoine Saint). I think the close proximity to Wigtown, the Scottish book town, must have had some magical reading effects! I now have another week off work which I am spending at home. I plan on getting things done that I have put off for months! I have also been buying Kindle books left, right and centre as the summer sale is incredible!

2016-07-07 15.45.11Scotland’s largest second-hand bookshop!

Isn’t Scotland wonderful?

So, what are your bookish plans for the future?

I’m currently catching up on reading your blog posts (infinite scroll on the WordPress Reader is a thing of beauty – I went back all the way to March!) It will take me a while so if you see that you are getting likes on a post from months ago, it will probably be me reading it for the first time! I (of course) plan on getting back into reading regularly; I have a few on-hold books to finish and I will be planning for the BooktubeAThon (which was the first readathon I participated in last year)! I will try to blog at least once a week, but I will aim for twice a week. I know that there are a huge amount of tags for me to do, so I’ll get those done soon. Having fallen behind on the Library Scavenger Hunt, I want to get back into that too! I also need to update the Kindle TBR Jar with the huge amount of books I bought. If I manage to get organised enough, I may even try my hand at writing some short stories. Expect many posts in the next few weeks! Watch this space!

And now, for something truly bookish:

My Holiday TBR! July 11th-July 17th

  1. Cinder by Marissa Meyer
  2. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell
  3. The Skull Throne by Peter V. Brett
  4. Reasons to Stay Alive by Matt Haig
  5. Saga Vol. 1, 2, 3, 4 (re-reads) by Brian K. Vaughan
  6. Saga Vol. 5 by Brian K. Vaughan

There you have it. I’m glad to be back and I’ll gradually get back into the swing of things!

Thanks for reading!

SSJ Time Lord



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