Monthly Wrap-Ups

March Wrap-Up

Hello all! Not a great month for me; I only read 2 books: one novel and one novella. Moreover, I didn’t finish my Library Scavenger Hunt book (Cinder by Marissa Meyer) or my Kindle TBR Jar book (Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell). ūüė¶ However, I am still reading them and hope to finish them before the end of this week!

1. Killing the Dead by Marcus Sedgewick

Dark.Killing the Dead4 star f

This was my first time reading anything by Sedgewick. The writing style of this book wasn’t really my cup of tea, but the story was intriguing enough. It took me a while to get through this very short novella. Something about it just didn’t keep me engaged enough to read it in one, or even two sittings. That said, it picked up around the halfway point and the ending was powerful; I didn’t really expect the story to end up where it did, which more than made up for lack of engagement I felt at the beginning. It is quite a dark story with excellent use of description. I think it’s definitely worth picking up.

2. The Daylight War by Peter V. Brett

Average.The Daylight War3 star f

DISCLAIMER: I really thought I’d given this book three stars instead of four. Goodreads informs that I did indeed give this book four stars when I finished it. I’m not sure why, but I’ve now adjusted it.

Oh dear. My love/hate relationship with this series continues, but unfortunately, this has been the most disappointing book so far. With this as the third of five books, could this be the dreaded Middle Book Syndrome? This book comes in at a whopping 804 pages and I couldn’t for the life of me tell you that anything much happened. Not much occurs¬†in this book in terms of plot progression which was a shame.¬†This was 80% backstory which, while interesting, shouldn’t have been the main focus¬†of the book. I LOVE the premise behind The Demon Cycle, but Brett’s pacing is something I do not get along with. He rushes the parts that could well do with more fleshing out, but he spends SO much time on backstory and jumping between timelines. I got to page 750 and thought,

So, there are only 54 pages left, and nothing much has happened yet. Plus the big epic showdown I’ve been waiting on for ages is going to be reduced to less than 50 pages…that is, if it happens in this book at all.” (It did, by the way).


There were some good things though; ¬†I did enjoy one particular event being seen from a third POV, which could just as easily been too repetitive, but Brett executed this extremely well, causing an, “OH MY GOODNESS, I UNDERSTAND NOW, WOAH!” moment from yours truly. Additionally, the character development of Renna Tanner is incredible in this book. There was¬†also a¬†nice cliffhanger, causing Fran and I to change our minds about leaving it a while before going on to the next book in the series.

And now for the Kindle TBR Jar book for April!

2016-02-23 08.25.53
For those of you who don’t know, the Kindle TBR Jar is a way for me to read more of my Kindle books. I pick out one book at the beginning of every month and aim to finish it within that month.

I am very much a mood reader, but this is also something I’m using as a way¬†to get me reading outside of my comfort zone (which is very much fantasy at the moment). While I prefer paperbacks, I also love the portability of my Kindle, especially with all the travel that comes from my job, and the ability to read on my phone and Macbook with the Kindle app.

Despite not yet finishing March’s KTJ book, my pick for April is:

2016-02-24 07.54.32

2016-02-24 07.54.47

Room by Emma Donoghue! I’ve been really lucky with my picks so far. I really want to see the film adaptation of this book, so I’m glad I picked this one. Reading this will also get one of my “on-hold” reads out of the way as I did read the first couple of chapters a while ago. Plus, it’s not a fantasy book! I’m very excited!

That’s all from me for now. Please leave your comments below!

Thanks for reading,



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