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My favourite bookish websites and apps

Hello all! Today, I’d like to talk about some of my favourite bookish websites and apps. I have an iPhone, so will be talking about apps available on iOS. Unfortunately, I cannot be certain if the apps I talk about are supported by Android or any other smartphone software.

*All apps are free at time of publishing this post.*

1. Goodreads (website and app)


How can anything other than Goodreads come top of this list? XD Goodreads is a wonderful website that allows you to create your own bookshelves, review books you’ve read and participate in book groups. They also host giveaways (I have been lucky enough to win one!) and you can see what your friends are reading or planning to read and you can comment on their activity.

All in all, I spend a lot of time on Goodreads. I use it to create TBRs, to track the books I am currently reading (down to the page number! 🙂 ) and to participate in the Goodreads challenge – you pick a goal of how many books you want to read in a year and it tracks your progress. You can also compare this to your friends’ challenges which adds in a bit of healthy competition. The app is useful, though it lacks a lot of the functionality of the website, for example, not being able to add your favourite book quotes. But all in all, Goodreads is fantastic for any book lover.

2. WordPress (website and app)


Of course, WordPress would appear on this list (and quite high up too)! In case you didn’t know, Wordpress allows you to create free customisable blogs or websites. Some people choose to blog about books *coughsuchasmyselfcough* 🙄 and there are, of course, some fantastic bookish blogs to be discovered. Book bloggers review their recent reads, share their thoughts on characters, create and complete amazing tags and awards and so much more. The functionality of the website makes it easy to follow your favourite blogs; I particularly love the ‘Reader’ function which collates all of the new posts of the blogs you follow in a format with endless scroll. The app is also useful, but I wouldn’t recommend it for writing or drafting posts.

3. Amazon (website and app)/Kindle Daily Deals (website only for Kindle purchases)


*Look! The arrow goes from A to Z, because Amazon sells everything from A to Z! *

In terms of books, I am one of those people who finds Amazon useful; particularly their wish list function that allows you to check if items have gone down in price since you added it to your list. The Kindle Daily Deals offers a selection of Kindle books for an amazing price every day. It is usually £0.99 but sometimes they can be £1.19 or thereabouts. It updates just after midnight each day and only lasts for 24 hours, so remember to sign up for email reminders so you don’t miss out on incredible deals! About 90% of my Kindle books have been bought when they are a Daily Deal. I also understand that there are a lot of arguments against Amazon in general in terms of the way they sell books and I do prefer to go to an independent retailer most of the time, but sometimes, Amazon is the way to go.

4. Kindle (app)


This follows on nicely from the above. I love the Kindle app. I love the fact that it’s free and so you don’t HAVE to buy a Kindle to read Kindle books if you don’t want to. I do have a Kindle Touch, but I also have the app on my MacBook and on my iPhone and best of all, they all sync with each other, so I can use all three to read the same book without having to search for the last page I read. Unfortunately, I don’t seem to be able to sync my collections on the app which is a bit of a pain, but this app is great for those (very rare) days when I forget my Kindle at home.

5. Pinterest (website and app)


Pinterest is a website that I don’t actually use that often, but when I do use it, it is usually for about 5 consecutive hours. o_O Pinterest is not just for books, but I use it mostly for collating websites to do with books. Whether it’s pictures of amazing bookshelves, or recommendations on what to read next or an amusing cartoon with some of your favourite literary characters, it’s really easy to collate all of these awesome bookish items onto boards and save them to look at another time. Pinterest also recommends websites based on your boards, so be prepared to be inundated with amazing bookish sites to pin to your board! 😉

6. What Should I Read Next? (website)

what should i read next

I haven’t used this site that much, just because I already have a TBR the size of Australia. But if I didn’t, I would use it a lot more. What Should I Read Next is an awesome website that gives you recommendations based on books and authors you already know you love. You can build multiple lists of books you like, then click “What Should I Read Next?” for your recommendations. It is a great resource for mood readers and a great way 0f discovering new books and authors.

7. Overdrive (website and app)


I have yet to use this, but it definitely must feature in my favourites as I know I will use it in the future. Overdrive is a free service that links to your library and allows you to borrow eBooks, audiobooks, and from their digital collections. Unfortunately, only one of the four libraries I am a member of supports Overdrive, but it is still a great resource!

And that’s it from me! Please leave a comment below if you use any of the websites or apps I’ve mentioned. Also, let me know what your favourites are!

Thanks for reading,



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